May Flowers (Updated)

These flowers were in front of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.


It was a great place to stop and have a banana.


Finally, Spring is Coming

Students outside of CCNY enjoying the warm weather.

It was so warm outside today that jackets were optional.  It got up to 73F.  It felt great!  It even felt nice to sweat in the sun again.  It was such a nice change from the icy weather we’ve had up until today (except for that one weird day a few weeks ago) that I didn’t even want to go inside.  I wanted to stay out and enjoy the sun.

Trees blooming at CCNY.

Too bad it’s supposed to rain for the next few days.  The temperature is going to drop back down into the high 50s.  I’m looking forward to the weather warming back up and staying up.  It gives me one less excuse to not start running again.  I kinda wish I’d never stopped, because getting going again is always a pain.

Singapore is Blooming!

Over the weekend while my wife and I were on the MRT green line we noticed that the trees are starting to bloom with large white and pink blossoms.  You can see it especially well between Pasir Ris and Tampines MRT stations.  It’s definitely no sakura blossom viewing event, but it’s still attractive.  I wasn’t able to get my camera out in time to take photos of the trees along the train line, but I did take photos of some of the trees around my neighborhood.

This photo was taken on a different day from the first two.  Those are the same two trees, but from across the street.  You can see Loyang Secondary School behind them, as well as two women below them taking photos of the trees just like I was the day before.

These trees are planted down the middle of some of the roadways here in Pasir Ris.  It’s really nice to look at.  I’m going to take a walk down to Pasir Ris Park sometime this week, if I have time, to see if the trees there are blooming and to try to get some better photos.