July 2009 Solar Eclipse in Singapore

I’d been looking forward to this solar eclipse for weeks, ever since I first heard about it. I even took the time to write it down, and enter it as an entry with an alarm in my iPhone’s calendar. I didn’t want to miss it! Last night I went to bed, rather anxious to wake up and witness this, the longest solar eclipse for the century.

So, I wound up waking up early and, much to my dismay, I could hear the sound of rain. I hoped it would clear up but as the time for the eclipse got closer, it kept coming down harder and harder.

When it was time for the actual eclipse, I looked out my window and saw only this:

And then I realized my laundry was hanging to dry…

Singapore was supposed to be along the southern edge of the solar eclipse’s path, so I was hoping to see something exciting. The animated map I’d looked at showed Singapore in shadow. It did get a bit darker during the minutes when the eclipse was supposed to affect Singapore, but it wasn’t that noticeable. It wasn’t much darker than it would normally be during a thunderstorm.

So, it wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for, but we can’t have everything right?

7 thoughts on “July 2009 Solar Eclipse in Singapore”

  1. @MKL: I vaguely remember hearing about an eclipse in 1999, but I don't think I saw it. I don't think the shadow passed through my area. I've seen a lot of lunar eclipses, but never a solar eclipse, which is one reason I was really looking forward to this one.@Rowena: I saw the cat and couldn't resist. ^_^


  2. i saw eclipse a few times already. but i really want to see aurora. they say i can see aurora on the hill behind my house. but it doesn't happen that often as compared to eclipse


  3. Did you see the eclipse in August 1999? I won't forget that one. It was a very unique experience, I was home alone, it was hot and clear sky… So interesting when the sun gets covered and then suddenly there's 10 degrees colder… Unfortunately it's very short and the next one here will be 2081.. bummer.. I must reach 101 year, haha…


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