Singapore’s January 15th, 2010 Eclipse

I was looking forward to this solar eclipse.  I’ve never even seen one before and even though this wasn’t going to be a full solar eclipse it would still have been a first for me.

Somehow, I managed to let it slip my mind, and at 4:20 I found myself staring at my computer screen, scanning Twitter.  Then I was making a mad scramble for my camera and I ran outside to try to get a photo or a video of the eclipse.

Unfortunately, there was nothing but clouds.  It was a bit cooler out than usual.  It was also a bit darker than usual.  Well, not even that really.  It wasn’t much darker than on a normal cloudy day.  I took a photo of where the sun appeared to be with my camera.  Unfortunately, my camera and Ubuntu don’t want to play nice together, so later I snapped this picture of the cloudy sky with my iPhone to share.

Mobile Photo 15-Jan-2010 PM 05 10 57

It seems like every time there’s an eclipse, Singapore has cloudy weather that prevents me from enjoying it.  The last eclipse I tried to view was a lunar eclipse and it was cloudy that night as well.  Downfall of a tropical climate I guess!

Hopefully I’ll get to see one sometime soon.

July 2009 Solar Eclipse in Singapore

I’d been looking forward to this solar eclipse for weeks, ever since I first heard about it. I even took the time to write it down, and enter it as an entry with an alarm in my iPhone’s calendar. I didn’t want to miss it! Last night I went to bed, rather anxious to wake up and witness this, the longest solar eclipse for the century.

So, I wound up waking up early and, much to my dismay, I could hear the sound of rain. I hoped it would clear up but as the time for the eclipse got closer, it kept coming down harder and harder.

When it was time for the actual eclipse, I looked out my window and saw only this:

And then I realized my laundry was hanging to dry…

Singapore was supposed to be along the southern edge of the solar eclipse’s path, so I was hoping to see something exciting. The animated map I’d looked at showed Singapore in shadow. It did get a bit darker during the minutes when the eclipse was supposed to affect Singapore, but it wasn’t that noticeable. It wasn’t much darker than it would normally be during a thunderstorm.

So, it wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for, but we can’t have everything right?