Chocolate Volcano


I’ve been dieting since early November. Counting calories is a drag but becoming overweight would be worse. Tonight I’m splurging, though, with a chocolate volcano cake from Veniero’s.

Boka Bon Chon & Wafels and dinges

Boka Bon Chon Fried Chicken
Boka Bon Chon Fried Chicken

I just can’t get enough of those damn fried chicken wings and drumsticks!  I don’t know how they make them, but they come out so crispy and delicious that I don’t mind that the spicy ones are burning my face off.  I just keep eating them!  They also come in soy & garlic flavor, which is great.

Kim Chi Bi Bim Bob and Beef Bul Go Gi
Kim Chi Bi Bim Bob and Beef Bul Go Gi

I’ve been gradually getting my wife around to all of the places I want to show her here in NYC that I already know about and Boka Bon Chon finally came up on the list.  We were in the mood for something Asian and we were in the neighborhood, so we went on in.

Besides the wings, which are an absolute must if you ever go to this place, we got the kimchi bi bim bob and an order of beef bul go gi.  The servings are generous.  Maybe we were hungry, or it was just particularly good yesterday but we cleaned our plates and stripped the bones.

Waffles and Dinges Truck at Astor Place
Waffles and Dinges Truck at Astor Place

Then we saw a food truck.  A bright yellow food truck with a delicious scent coming from it.  It turned out to be “Wafels and dinges,” which sells different types of waffles with a variety of toppings, including one called a “WMD” and, gross as it sounds to me, waffles with bacon or pulled pork.

Brussels waffle with chocolate and powdered sugar from Waffles & Dinges truck.
Brussels waffle with chocolate and powdered sugar from Waffles & Dinges truck.

We were feeling the food we’d just eaten, so we got one and shared it.  It was incredibly good!  I’m looking forward to the next excuse we can find to eat at this food truck again.  =)

For a Sunday afternoon, this was a great meal.  I love NYC.

Delicious Mooncakes!

Ok, so before I came to Singapore, if you’d asked me if I wanted a Moon Cake, I would’ve thought you were joking.  It sounds like something out of a fairy tale.  Moon Cakes, fairies, magic mushrooms… you get the point.

But, lo and behold, there are in fact moon cakes and they are… very good!  Well, I suppose it depends on where you get them, but the ones I’ve had are good.

Here are pictures and descriptions of the two types I’ve tried so far:

This moon cake was given to me by the people I stay with here in Singapore.  I’m not sure where it’s from or what the flavor name is exactly, but I was told it’s supposed to be champagne.  It certainly tasted like it had some sort of alcohol in it. It was rather soft, but not squishy.  The texture is thick and almost creamy.  That white thing in the middle was an edible capsule that contained a thick brown cream that carried a heavy taste of alcohol.  Overall, it was an interesting and satisfying treat.

This next one is Jade Custard flavored.  It didn’t taste like any custard I’ve had before, but it was pleasant.  The flavor is mild and again it had a thick, almost creamy consistency to it, though you can see from the pictures that the filling in both was more solid than fluid.  This one had a white center.  Not really sure what it was, but it was good too.

I’m not really aware of any special observances that go along with eating moon cakes, or if you’re supposed to do it in a particular way.  I heard from a friend though that if you’re looking for the best moon cakes in Singapore you should go to Raffles Hotel.  I guess they make them in the kitchen there.

TAN’s Tu Tu Coconut Cake

Looking for something sweet to nibble on while you’re walking around Vivocity mall? Want a snack to enjoy while you’re sitting outside, enjoying the breeze and the wading pools? I really have to recommend that anyone who visits Vivocity stops by this stand and picks up some of these coconut cakes. They’re about the size of your palm and about half an inch thick. They’re made fresh as you wait, and they’re best when eaten warm. The outside is some sort of chewy dough and the inside is sweetened coconut shavings. It looks like it’s mixed with brown sugar, but it still maintains a mellow, even taste. I know, I know, I should’ve taken a photo of them, but we gobbled them down too fast!

If my recommendation isn’t enough, you can see in the picture above that her stall was featured in The Straits Times, which is the major newspaper for Singapore.

The last time we were at Vivocity, which I think was in September, we tried these coconut cakes on a whim. I mean, why not? You get four for only 2 SGD. They were incredible, and since then I’ve talked about them frequently, reminding my wife that the next time we’re there we should get more. Sure enough, almost right after arriving at the mall we made our way to this cart and snagged a little bag of four of them. We then found a cozy spot outside with a view of the water, got comfortable and enjoyed them.

The shop lady making our coconut cakes.

A cruise ship docked in front of the mall, and you can also see the Sentosa cable cars that go between Sentosa and the main island of Singapore.