Delicious Mooncakes!

Ok, so before I came to Singapore, if you’d asked me if I wanted a Moon Cake, I would’ve thought you were joking.  It sounds like something out of a fairy tale.  Moon Cakes, fairies, magic mushrooms… you get the point.

But, lo and behold, there are in fact moon cakes and they are… very good!  Well, I suppose it depends on where you get them, but the ones I’ve had are good.

Here are pictures and descriptions of the two types I’ve tried so far:

This moon cake was given to me by the people I stay with here in Singapore.  I’m not sure where it’s from or what the flavor name is exactly, but I was told it’s supposed to be champagne.  It certainly tasted like it had some sort of alcohol in it. It was rather soft, but not squishy.  The texture is thick and almost creamy.  That white thing in the middle was an edible capsule that contained a thick brown cream that carried a heavy taste of alcohol.  Overall, it was an interesting and satisfying treat.

This next one is Jade Custard flavored.  It didn’t taste like any custard I’ve had before, but it was pleasant.  The flavor is mild and again it had a thick, almost creamy consistency to it, though you can see from the pictures that the filling in both was more solid than fluid.  This one had a white center.  Not really sure what it was, but it was good too.

I’m not really aware of any special observances that go along with eating moon cakes, or if you’re supposed to do it in a particular way.  I heard from a friend though that if you’re looking for the best moon cakes in Singapore you should go to Raffles Hotel.  I guess they make them in the kitchen there.

Hari Raya Sweets For Sale

Two days ago I wrote a post about being surprised to see “Christmas” lights up already, in September.  When I asked about it and found out that it was for Hari Raya, a holiday I’d never heard of, I was surprised.  I don’t remember seeing any lights up around this time last year.  I also don’t remember seeing any candies or sweets set out for sale either, but this year there are stacks of them!

I’m not planning on “switching over” any time soon, or celebrating Hari Raya myself, but I’ve never been one to let a thing like that stop me from enjoying holiday celebration goodies.  So, we picked up a container of these called “dumai chipmore”.  I’m not sure if there’s any special significance behind the names, or types, but they looked like a safe bet as far as taste would go.  They’re not bad.

Goldilocks Treats

Goldilocks is a pretty well known bakery in the Philippines.  You can find outlets all over the place there and the things they sell are really tasty.  The first time I was in the Philippines over a year ago I noticed the place and we wound up buying some cakes to try them out.  Well, my wife already knew they were good.  She just wanted to share the joy I guess.

The cakes were very good, and I’m looking forward to the next time I’ll be able to get something from them.  There are bakeries all over Singapore but the things that are produced here aren’t quite as “Westernized” as what I’d like.  Generally they’re more bland and it’s nearly impossible to find fruit filled pastries.

The snack pictured at left is called ‘polvoron’.  I’d never heard of it before, and found the following information about it when I looked it up (source):

Polvoron is powdered milk candy, made of flour, sugar butter and powdered milk. The flour is toasted, all the ingredients are mixed and shaped into round or oval-shaped molds. It is believe that making polvoron started during the American occupation to use up the huge amount of powdered milk brought in by the Americans. Polvoron over the years has become one of the most loved sweet Filipino delicacy.

It has a sweet taste to it, but it’s mild.  It’s not something that will make your teeth feel like they’re rotting out of your head with every bite.  Also, it’s dry and has a tendency to stick to the teeth and gums, so it’s best to have a drink handy while eating this.