Should You Really Get A Swine Flu Shot? It Could Be Dangerous.

A recent article in The Straits Times is advising citizens to act quickly to reserve their dosage of H1N1 vaccine.  The Ministry of Health is currently surveying clinics to see how many doses will be needed to satisfy demand.  So, clinics are compiling lists of clients who are interested in getting their shot this year, at a cost of 20 to 40 SGD, depending on your doctor and clinic.

An excerpt from the article:

Singapore will receive all 1 million doses it bought from British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline by Christmas, Mr Khaw said on Sunday at a brisk-walking event organised by the North West Community Development Council held at the Republic Polytechnic.

About 20 per cent of the vaccines will be reserved for essential personnel such as health-care workers and the police. The remaining 800,000 doses will be distributed at cost to hospitals, polyclinics and GPs in private practice.

Mr Khaw also sought to allay fears that Singapore will face a shortage of vaccines like what the United States may soon be experiencing with the traditional winter flu season approaching.


Having the swine flu is a horrible … horrible… horrible… experience.  I had it myself, a few months ago.  It’s weird too.  I woke up at a regular time that day.  I sat around doing my regular things.  Then at around 5 PM I washed up and went to Century Square in Tampines to meet my wife for dinner and a night out.  Only, things didn’t go quite as planned.  When I got out of the taxi I felt a little tired, which was weird since I’d had about 10 hours sleep the night before.  I thought maybe I’d just slept too much so I shrugged it off and went into the mall.  It was a cool night outside because it was overcast and had been raining so when I walked into the mall I wasn’t at all surprised to feel the blast of icy cool air.

It was after I’d been standing inside for a few minutes that I realized something was a bit off.  It felt too cold, like I was standing outside in the Fall in New York City.  I didn’t just feel cool or cold.  It felt icy, to the point that I was shivering.  I was really tired too.  I really wanted to sit down, so I went back outside to the taxi stand area and sat on the railing.  It felt better outside and it was nice to sit down for a while.  When my wife showed up we went to eat in the food court, but I just couldn’t manage to enjoy my meal.  I felt really cold and my appetite was starting to disappear.  We grabbed a few things from the grocery store and then took a cab home.  My wife could tell I wasn’t feeling well.  I normally devour that beef pepper rice!

We got home around 7 PM.  By 9 PM I was laying in bed, feverish.  By 1 AM my fever had risen to 38.5C / 101.3F and the following morning at 7 AM it was 39.5C / 103.1F.  I spent the next two days in and out of consciousness.  Usually, when I had fevers I knew I could only tell by the thermometer.  This time even I could notice the heat coming from my face and head.  A cool towel and a fan helped that.  I did a lot of sleeping… and I remember my cats sitting next to me while I was struggling.  That was nice of them, to come check on me.  And of course, my wife took care of me by feeding me, making sure I took meds, and frequently checking my temperature.

After that sort of experience I never want to have swine flu again.  Just like with any virus, there are different strains of it, and having one doesn’t mean you’re safe from all of them.  On the other hand, more people die each year from the regular flu than from swine flu.  I suppose the media frenzy was just their way of cashing in on people’s fears over a new virus.  First it was bird flu, then swine flu.  What’s next? Dog flu?  So, I’m not exactly frothing at the mouth to be the first in line for a swine flu shot.  Plus, there’s data to suggest that the swine flu shot may in fact be dangerous and may make you more likely to become sick with the swine flu.

From an article on, a health and wellness site:

A series of studies suggests that people who got a seasonal flu shot last year are about twice as likely to catch swine flu as people who didn’t.

And then there’s this news report of a case of dystonia that was potentially caused by receiving a swine flu vaccine:

So, I think I’ll just take my chances.  I survived the swine flu once.  I’m sure I can do it again. And there are plenty of people that don’t take swine flu shots that don’t get the flu.

Damn Flying Pigs…

This past Friday I was excited about going to the mall to get something nice to eat and then shop around a bit.  My wife and I also had plans to go out and enjoy ourselves over the weekend.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

It was strange, really.  All day I felt fine.  Once I got to the mall though and walked inside I started to feel tired.  Then I realized my muscles all felt like they were aching.  So, I sat down and when I sat down I realized not only how tired I was, but that even my butt cheeks were aching.

We wound up not staying at the mall for very long.  I didn’t eat much either.  My appetite was disappearing.  By the time I got home, I really felt like crap.  In a short two hours I went from feeling fine to feeling like I’d been hit by a bus.

The next morning my wife took my temperature and I was running a fever at 38.4 C.  I wound up sleeping most of the day away.  In fact, I did a lot of sleeping from Friday evening through Monday afternoon.  On Saturday night my fever peaked at 39.4 and then started dropping.  By the end of Sunday it had fallen to 38.4 and then by Monday morning it was at 36.6.  It went up briefly to 38 again on Monday but it returned to normal in about an hour.

It doesn’t sound like much when I put it that way, as just a chronological list of temperatures, but those were some rough days.  Those are the types of fever temperatures that make it hard to sleep and make you think those weird thoughts while you’re laying there. If you’ve ever had a fever and your mind started to wander I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I never did go to the hospital.  I’ve always been a stubborn idiot like that when it comes to being sick.  I hate hospitals.  I remember one year I was sick and dizzy and was still doing physical training in the morning and going to work because I just had too much to do.  Weird right?  Well, I also didn’t want to be bothered with going to the hospital just to be told that I had a cold or flu or something and I should just rest in bed, drink fluids, and take something for the fever and then get a huge bill for being told something I already knew.  I didn’t really have any clue as to what I had.  I just thought I had a regular cold or flu.

Anyhow, by Monday afternoon the fever was completely gone and I was fuzzy headed and exhausted but fine.  I wound up sleeping most of Monday away and didn’t get out of bed until 4pm.  After all that sleeping my brain was running on overdrive and I was catching up on internet stuff so I wasn’t able to sleep until 6 am or so and then I had to get up again at 9 am to make it to an appointment.  So, I wound up sleeping most of Teusday afternoon and evening away too.  It feels like the last 4 days just sort of slipped away from me.  I don’t even remember most of the days I was sick, since I had a fever or was sleeping the whole time.

So, how did I actually find out it was H1N1?  Well, I passed it off to someone I live with.  They went to the doctor right away and the doctor confirmed what it was.  They complained of the exact same symptoms: sudden muscle ache and fatigue, followed by fever.

Well, at least I don’t have to worry as much about H1N1 anymore.  I already have some antibodies ready for it for a while.  I’m still tired though.  I guess it’ll take a while for me to regain my strength.

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Using Swine Flu to Sell Your Product

Swine Flu has to be the most covered and most talked about event in the last two years, and it’s not even that serious. From what I’ve read, the fatality rate is only 0.1%, which is less than the fatality rate of actual flu.

It’s a new disease though, and it’s in the media limelight, so everyone’s heard of it, and the more people hear about it and ask about it, the more the media covers it. I think it’s past the point of informing people and bordering on propaganda. Sure, people should be informed, but hasn’t it gone on long enough? I even question the extra scanners that have been set up at airports and such, if the swine flu isn’t even as bad as a regular flu.

Now, H1N1 is even being used to sell products! Dettol is a common cleaning agent company here, selling everything from hand soap to floor cleaner. The following pictures are from a can of disinfectant spray, similar to Lysol.